Sunday, March 30, 2008

Indian English Media, thy name is sensationalism

Here is one more very valid criticism of the Indian English media. This bunch, one leftover of the Raj days, has kept going downhill over the years. They are all part of one huge bandwagon of tabloidism and crass commercialism. The few that are not have either closed down or on the verge of it.

Now that there is criticism from the west, one hopes these illegimate children of Macaulay see some sense.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Double standards - by Raj and Raj

Recall the Biharisation of Maharashtra article by Rajdeep, the moralist. Having ground the image of Bihar into dust and having made it impossible for a student from Bihar to study outside; having instigated the other Raj to launch anti Bhaiya agitation in Maharashtra, now Raj deep rues the image of his beloved Goa

What do you think Raj deep, that a crime is a crime only if committed in Bihar. Or is there a Bihar connection to the Keeling murder also? Oh yes, a Bihari had passed by the murderous beach months back!!

And what do we name the Raj duo - one shallow and the other deep!

Readers comment welcome

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rajdeep blames it on Bihar - again

As you would have noticed, the TV journos are on the backfoot for the last few days because of the false sting at Delhi. The journalist who conducted the sting has been arrested and the TV channel may have to pay a fine.

Now in this situation, how does a sting supporter like Rajdeep react? Blame it on Bihar. Please read this article by the self righteous guy:

Shameful, to say the least.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hate Bihar/UP campaign by Mumbai University

We just celebrated our 60th year of independence with great pride but we continue ignore the unfair and highly discriminatory treatment which is given to Biharies in their own country .The recent move of Mumbai University to set up special counter for examining the mark sheets of students from Bihar and UP is just another example how these institutions of learning are promoting a culture of hate and discrimination.

Our politicians gave reservations which created numerous divisions in the society and now an institution like Mumbai University openly announced that they receive maximum number of fake certificates from Bihar and UP. The Hate Bihar campaign has taken a new turn and this open declaration and discriminatory act of Mumbai University without any data and statistics needs to be condemned in harshest words.

It’s deplorable and demeans the achievement of thousands of diligent and meritorious students from Bihar and UP who have proved their mettle in National and International level competitions.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The more things change, ........

Remember the Bihar bashing when Bhagalpur blindings took place. Well history is repeating itself, this time as a comedy. The alleged torture of a chain snatcher is the latest stick to beat Bhagalpur and Bihar.

Contrast it with the low key coverage of an ex Bengal MLA pissing on lady passengers in a train compartment. It so happens, Nathnagar is not that far from Malda as the crow flies. Then what explains the alacrity of reporting in one instance and the lack of it in another. What else but the boundary between two states of the Indian union?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Back handed complement

Finally, finally, the ‘National’ media of India has started to take note of the positives of Bihar and Biharis. Bihar is taking the right steps under Nitish Kumar. Lalu after all is not just a joker, but has produced some results.

But has Bihar really done well, according to Ashish Sharma? Well not quite. UP has done bad since it has gone ‘even’ below Bihar. Now who has given Sharma to equate Bihar with the worst? Does he quote statistics? Last heard, Bihar was ranked 13th in the development index in a list of 29 states. But does Sharma even pause to think he has no right to equate Bihar with the worst.

Look at the analysis of Anklesaria Aiyar.

Lalu did better than Nehru. Read carefully and the real conclusion comes out. Lalu did better than Nehru in spite of himself, not because of himself. The real hero is the market economy which propels even a Lalu to do better than Nehru.

Not quite praise but backhanded complement.

What does the junta say?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Human Spirit

The best emerges when odds are faced. Noticed this 8-part article on young girls of Bihar who are juggling multiple roles to uplift their as well as lives of other young girls. And the best part is that they are indeed making a difference despite facing odds which would turn majority of children in their age groups into chickens. Kudos to the journalist who had the guts to bring this excellent piece on power of human spirit.

Read all the stories below and feel a sense of pride.
The Daughters of Bihar
80% of the girls had not used a toilet before
Many girls saw a computer for the first time
'I stole Rs 5 from my home to buy a pen and a note book'
'I tell village women if they don't educate their daughters, they will die as they were born -- unknown, unheard'
'I stay hungry in school till I get back home for dinner'
'What's the use of studying? Are you going to become a collector you think?'
'I want to teach others who haven't had a chance to go to school'

Jina isi ka naam hai. What does junta feel?